Curse & Kisses: Orgasmic Rock Movement

Curse and Kisses is a rumbling joy ride of heavy-rock influences, powerful lyrical images and nervy attitude. Put it all together and you have something that front man Rudy calls Orgasmic Rock rock music that gives you extreme pleasure.

A hard-driving, straight-talking amalgamation of styles, this Orlando, Florida-based act pulls no punches, either in its subject matter or musical ambitions. As frank as Curse and Kisses so often is about desire, drugs and the rock n roll lifestyle, that underlying current of sex and glitter is only outshined by the musics glistening grime. The sound is one of conflict and aggression, almost like shock metal cut with a dusting of progressive rock and funk.

Hes just released a varied, endlessly intriguing new self-titled EP of four songs each of which finds new ways to showcase the bands unique personality, pile-driving riffs and Rob Zombie-esque combination of the scary and the sensual.


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